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White Box

White Box

White box requirements are the fundamental or essential standards for refurbishing a commercial or retail space, creating a clean slate or a blank canvas that allows prospective tenants or owners to personalize it as they desire. These specifications can also be adapted for pop-up stores.
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Stripping & Boarding

Existing shop fronts should be removed or secured and serviced to ensure full functionality. If there is no shop front, then temporary hoarding should be installed to maintain security and privacy.

Ceiling & Flooring

All walls should be painted white and extend from the floor to the ceiling to create a clean and neutral backdrop. Ceilings should be secure and compliant with local building codes.

Remove existing flooring, and screed to have a level finish that can accommodate future flooring installations.

Electrical & Plumbing

Basic plumbing and electrical infrastructure should be installed, including outlets, switches, and pipes for future connections. Certificate of Compliance (COC) to meet safety standards.

The distribution board should have relevant circuit breakers for lights and a double plug point for contractors. The distribution board should also comply with the Certificate of Compliance (COC) to meet safety standards.

The HVAC system should be inspected, providing basic heating and cooling for the space. Certificate of Compliance (COC) to meet safety standards

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White Box